Why Job Seekers Should Avoid Resume Templates at All Costs

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Why Job Seekers Should Avoid Resume Templates at All Costs

If you’re a job seeker looking to stand out from the competition, you’ll want to avoid the cookie-cutter resume templates at all costs. As simple and easy as it may be to download one, or to go with a resume service provider who’ll offer you a completed resume based off a template, the fact is hiring managers can quickly see which candidates have put in the time and effort to personalize the resume, and which ones have slapped on information to the resume without much thought.

The Reality
Unfortunately, after having come across so many typical cookie-cutter resume candidates, the hiring manager is generally not impressed by the sight of them. The general sense is that it’s probably not any different from the other cookie-cutter resume candidates. That’s not the impression you want to go for! If you want to impress and distinguish yourself from all the other candidates vying for the job, go for a resume that is carefully crafted to present your professional brand and that is applicant tracking system (ATS) compliant.

Give hiring managers the impression that you put time, thought, and effort into the resume. Showcase exactly how you are a good fit for the job and company. And, if hiring manager can easily overlook the cookie-cutter resume candidate, you can bet employers relying on ATS to filter candidates will too. No resume template downloaded or purchased online can help you personalize your information to the level employers will be looking for.

Drawbacks of the Resume Template
Aside from a resume that looks like the many others out there, the general resume template may lack the flexibility to reposition information to properly reflect your experience and skills in the right manner. It also doesn’t help you effectively run through the process of defining your professional brand position – what is it that makes you unique and different from the other candidates? It’s important to run through such a process as it’ll help you better position yourself not just for the resume, but for when you’re conducting yourself at the job interview.

The Truth Behind the Effective Resume
Content remains king on the resume, but it’s only as effective as how you tailor the information to the job description and employer’s needs. No resume template is going to do that for you. It’s also critical that your resume present your professional brand effectively. You want a resume that represents you – that reflects who you are as a professional. For more tips, read: 4 Golden Rules to Resume Writing.

We understand that the online resume template may seem like the easy way to go for a quick solution, but the question remains whether it’ll bring you results. Avoid the resume templates at all costs, and work towards presenting an original document. When you are job searching, your resume is representing you! Present a resume that you’re proud of and that best reflects who you are professionally.

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