Facebook Jobs: A New Outlet for Job Hunting

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Facebook Jobs: A New Outlet for Job Hunting

When job hunting, it pays to explore other avenues, especially newly launched avenues because you’ll be facing less competition. One of the newest job search avenues is Facebook Jobs. It has announced that it’s partnering with ZipRecruiter and other job aggregators to make the social media platform stronger with career-focused features. It may not be the primary go-to destination for job hunting just yet, but it’s certainly one worth looking at as you research job opportunities.

How To Use Facebook Jobs?
You can begin finding jobs on Facebook in the “Jobs” section on the left sidebar under the Explore heading, or at www.facebook.com/jobs. The Jobs section lists a variety of positions available in your area. The left sidebar allows you to customize the results by keywords and other filters like industry and job type, including full-time, part-time, internship, volunteer, or contract.

Get Your Facebook Profile Ready
When you apply for a job through Facebook, your profile will be associated with your application. Many users of Facebook have been using the platform for personal and social life networking with friends and family, not like LinkedIn where most users maintain a professional brand image networking with other professionals. To see what your profile looks like to the Public, go to your profile and select “View As” near the top. If you’re going to apply to a job through Facebook, clean up your profile with a more professional profile photo, remove inappropriate content, and update your work and education history before hitting “Apply Now.”

Another option is to simply use Facebook Jobs to find opportunities, but to apply through another outlet. There’s a good chance that the job posted on Facebook Jobs may be on the company’s website. You may also find a contact name that you can try to network directly with on LinkedIn, and apply for the job that way. Regardless of which method you go about applying to a job, don’t ignore cleaning up your online presence. Employers are looking you up online regardless, read: “How Are Employers Screening You through Social Medial?”


The Advantages Of Adding Facebook Jobs To Your Job Search Plan

  • Like the traditional job board, you are alerted of new jobs available. Just follow the companies you have interests in and you will automatically receive the notifications. It’ll also show up on your newsfeed.
  • Those job searching in the service industry have a particularly good chance of finding opportunities. Facebook Jobs is new, so it needs time to popularize, but it appears at the start that it’s the service industry jobs that are populating right now. That will likely change as time evolves and more job aggregators get in on the action.
  • The application process is straightforward and simple to help open a line of communication with the employer.
  • Facebook is progressively seeking the attention of job seekers and it appears they have a good shot at it considering it has now partnered with ZipRecruiter and other job aggregators. At the launch of Facebook Jobs, the only way job postings went up was when an employer goes to their Facebook page and adds a job posting. Now with the partnership, employers using ZipRecruiter can also have the advertised positions publicized on Facebook’s platform.

Job searching continues to evolve and social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are trying to help job seekers find the right opportunities with more ease. Employers are also benefiting as they are tapping directly into contacts through a shared network. The hope is that the job applicants that come in are less random, and more of people who are sharing the same interests as the company.

While job searching and applying to jobs continues to evolve, the resume still stands as a critical marketing tool for job seekers. Even if the resume is not asked for at the time of application, it is bound to be asked for thereafter or at the job interview About Jobs works one-on-one with clients to help them stand out to prospective employers. Call today and get help with your resume: 800-909-0109!