5 Benefits When You Keep the Job Search Going During the Holiday Season

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5 Benefits When You Keep the Job Search Going During the Holiday Season

If you’re thinking about securing a job after graduation, changing jobs, or making a career change, you don’t have to stop job searching just because the holidays are around the corner. Many job seekers tend to think that employers stop interviewing and hiring around the holiday season. On the contrary, it is a good time to look for a job and initiate communication with employers.

There are many reasons why it benefits to keep the job search going:

  1. Less Job Seekers Competing
    Some job seekers simply choose to take time off during the holidays, while others may assume employers have put on hold interviewing and hiring during this time of year. Regardless, the time is a good opportunity for you to stand out to employers. There are employers who continue to interview and hire at the end of the year. Even when they aren’t, the holiday slowdown may mean important contacts are more accessible for networking or the request of an informational interview. Read “5 Rules To Remember For An Informational interview.”
  2. Employers Report Shortage Of Applicants For Jobs That Need To Be Filled Quickly
    Just when you think employers are slowing down on interviewing and hiring, there are also employers who are scrambling for hires and wishing that they could have filled positions yesterday. During the holidays, when there is a shortage of applicants, any qualified candidate who applies is one that the employer jumps on immediately when they need to fill a job quickly. Even if it’s a temporary job over the holidays, it’s still an opportunity. If you make a good enough impression, it could lead to a permanent job. There are also some employers who continue to hire at the end of the year to use up the budget they have, which can help boost next year’s budget.
  3. Get Ahead Of Hiring That Takes Place At the Beginning of the Year
    Many employers have their budgets reset at the start of the year, so employers who are looking to bring in new talent at the start of the year will have an interest in qualified applicants. Sending in your resume and cover letter now can mean being ahead of the competition. You may even be able to set up the interview in advance so that everything is ready to go at the start of the new year. You’ll also have ample time to prepare and do your research for the job interview.
  4. Never Too Early To Start For the College Senior
    If you are graduating from college in May, it’s not too early to start job searching now. The employer may not make the hire now, but getting on an employer’s radar early may encourage them to schedule an early interview. That is your chance to build a memorable impression that will allow for further discussion at more ease as you near graduation.
  5. Holiday Group Gatherings Are Opportunities
    Networking is known to have a great impact on job searches, so over the holidays while you’re mingling with friends and family, seek out opportunities to casually start up conversations that can help with your job search. It may include asking for advice, tips, or simply just informing others about your situation. Most people want to be helpful, so when you let them know of your situation, they are more likely to keep you in mind for opportunities they come across. There may even be the opportunity to introduce you to important contacts that can help you on the path to finding your next job.

There are high and low points in the year when it comes to hiring, but if you’re in search of a job, then the job search effort should keep going regardless. Many employers today are hiring on demand, and there’s no telling when an employee drops off or when a new position opens. Employers are not waiting for the right hiring season to start looking for qualified applicants, so there’s no reason to put a stop to the job search simply because the holidays are rolling in.

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