3 Things That Give You the Strongest Chance of Getting Hired

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3 Things That Give You the Strongest Chance of Getting Hired

In the eyes of the employer, the best fitting candidate for a job is bound to have met at least one of the three criteria we’re about to tell you about, if not all. Those who are hired typically have proved themselves the best fitting for the job by simply doing three things that you can achieve as well. Hiring decision makers are looking for an “informed candidate” according to a survey by Glassdoor.


Of those surveyed, 88% of hiring decision makers agreed that a quality candidate is an “informed candidate.”


So, what does it mean to be an “informed candidate?” It covers your:

  1. Preparedness for the Job Interview
    Employers want employees who can come on the job hitting the ground running. Show the employer you can do that by coming prepared to the job interview. Do your research on the job, company, business, and the people you’re meeting with in advance. The more you can show you understand the employer’s needs and that you’re ready to face the challenges of the job, the more confident the employer will be in selecting you as the candidate for hire. Part of this process also means you are asking relevant and thoughtful questions. Show the employer that you put thought into this job opportunity. This will show the employer that you’re thinking deeply about your new role and what you can do for the company. For more tips on questions to ask at the job interview, read: “The 4 Most Important Questions to Ask at an Interview.”
  2. Ability to Demonstrate the Right Experience for the Job
    If you’ve given careful thought to the resume or worked with a certified professional resume writer to delve into your professional experience and how relevant information, including skills, may be applicable to the job, then you should already have this requirement in place. Expand on these thoughts at the job interview to allow the employer to see the full picture. You may have specific experiences to highlight to showcase the challenges you have faced and how you went about achieving successful results. Show employers you can get the job done – and done right! For more tips, read the section on “How good are you at your job?” in this article.
  3. Understanding the Needs of the Job
    This point, in many ways, rolls back to the first point of showing you’re prepared for the job interview. Employers want serious candidates who understand the needs of the job and who won’t quit later because they end up realizing it’s not the job for them. Show employers you know what you’re getting yourself into, and that you’re not just some random job applicant applying for the job for the sake of accepting the first job offer you can get your hands on. This is a critical point for all job seekers. Do your research and understand if it’s really a job that suits your personality and interests. If it’s not, you’re just wasting your own time and the employer’s.


These three steps are critical to helping you put your best foot forward at the job interview, but they are also critical in helping you to determine if this is really the dream job you’re looking for.

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