Tips to Converting Your CV into a Targeted Resume

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Tips to Converting Your CV into a Targeted Resume

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For those who are transitioning from academia, medical, or the sciences into the more traditional business industries, you’ll find that the curriculum vitae (CV) is not what most employers are looking for. Most employers outside of those fields will request a resume.

While your CV may have worked running several pages long with your accumulated history of academic and/or scientific/medical experience and achievements, these guidelines do not necessarily apply to the resume. Hiring managers reviewing the resume are looking for an outline of relevant skills and experience, positioned in a succinct manner to inform them you are qualified for the job you are applying for.

Trying to condense information on the CV to transfer to the resume can feel overwhelming. Here are some tips professional resume writers use to make it happen:

Identify what that will matter to the employer
Carefully review the job posting to understand what it is the employer is looking for in a job candidate. What skills are they looking for? What type of experience is important? Are there educational requirements? These are the questions you need to work on addressing on the resume in relation to your capabilities and talents. As you dig through your CV for information to highlight on the resume, you may find that a fair portion of its contents is unnecessary on the resume.

Present your summary paragraph
This is the section of the resume where hiring managers are looking for you to provide demonstrations of experience and skills important to the job. If done correctly, it will spark the interest of the hiring manager to further review information you have on your resume. If you have a poorly written summary paragraph, the hiring manager will be prompted to move on to the many other candidates who have also applied for the job.

Demonstrate relevant work experience
Whereas the CV may have included your experience from past to present, the resume generally presents only “applicable” experience and it is laid out from your most current employer and back. Refer to your CV to select experiences relevant to the job applied for. Demonstrate to employers how you have utilized the skills on the job or under the academic/medical/scientific setting to bring about results. The goal here is not to provide a laundry list of your responsibilities, but to provide sufficient detail to the hiring manager for them to understand the type of work experience you’ve accumulated and how the relevant skills were applied in your experiences.

Highlight your educational background
Depending on the position you are applying for, information on your education may run higher or lower on the resume. Most employers will only wish to see the name of the educational institution you attended, the degree obtained, and a brief notation of study focus. In some instances, if relevant to the position, you may also note the title of your thesis.

Display your honors and awards
Where your CV may have a comprehensive list of research grants, conference presentations, and published work, on the resume you want to be selective with the honors and awards to highlight. Anything you include to this section should speak to the employer in helping to demonstrate credibility and skills for the profession you are transitioning in to.

One of the key differences between writing the CV and the resume is the amount of space you will have to work with. The resume should generally run 1-2 pages long, but no longer than 3 pages. There is much less space to work with on the resume, so it’s critical to write concisely. Work only with key points that are relevant to the job and employer.

The help of a professional resume writer is strongly encouraged when you are transitioning from academia, medical, or the sciences to business. They can help pinpoint and define the areas of focus that will matter to the employer. Contact About Jobs today for a one-on-one consultation where it’s professional resume writers are ready to help you with crafting an effective resume. Call 800-909-0109!