Ways You Can Instantly Connect at the Job Interview

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Ways You Can Instantly Connect at the Job Interview

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At the conclusion of any good interview, you’ll have made a strong connection with the interviewer. First impressions matter, and if done correctly, they can give you a leg up in the process by making you more memorable and desirable for cooperative work in the mind of the hirer. But, it’s not always the easiest task to do so when you know little about the individual at the opposite end of the table. That’s why it’s critical to hone in on your interviewer’s communication style. Knowing your interviewer’s communication style can help you outshine others at the job interview.

  • Start off strong
    When first meeting your interviewer, speak loudly (not yelling) and confidently. If you come off as shy or reserved, you are taking up precious extra time trying to establish a good connection with the interviewer because it’s requiring the other party to break down the wall for a more natural conversation. Body language is also key at this point. You want to have friendly eye contact and show without words that you are engaged in the meeting. For body language tips, read: “What Your Interview Body Language Reveals About You.”
  • Build the bond
    Find ways to establish rapport with the interviewer while mirroring their communication style. Assess your interviewer’s personality. Are they extroverted and talkative, introverted and calm, or strictly business? These details will help you shape the type of conversation to have. For tips on meaningful topics to discuss at the job interview, read: “3 Ways to Build Rapport and Ace the Interview.”
  • Observe your interviewer’s communication style
    Review details of your interviewer’s communication style. If your interviewer is full of details and examples in their communication, that’s a style to follow in your response to questions. If they are brief and succinct, match that style. It may be necessary to pause and compose your thoughts before speaking. Also, observe their pace, volume, speaking style, and body language. The more you can mirror that style, the better your chances of building a positive connection with the interviewer and the greater ease the interviewer will feel with you. For more tips on mirroring at the job interview, read: “Key Tips for Acing the Interview: Mirroring to Build Rapport.”
  • Maintain positive communication
    As you delve further into the job interview, be prepared to maintain a positive energy and attitude in your communication, even in the face of difficult or odd interview questions, like your greatest weakness or your response to a particularly challenging scenario. Oftentimes, interviewers may not be looking so much for a “correct” answer, but your reaction to the question. How composed are you in the face of stress and difficult situations? Do you respond with positivity or negativity? To help prepare, read: “Prepare Yourself for the Offbeat Question.”
  • Engage and seek information
    Performing well at the job interview is not about your ability to answer all the interviewer’s questions. It’s also, in part, about having an engaging conversation and displaying a personality and character that suits the employer’s work culture. Express to the interviewer that you are interested. Have questions of your own to ask and be willing to probe for more details. This expresses to the interviewer you have a genuine desire and interest to work with the company and do well on the job.

As a job seeker, you’re searching for the right employer and job opportunity for your next career move. Employers, as well, are searching for the right match in talent and personality that will work well with its culture and people. Work to instantly connect with the interviewer using the tips above and make the best impression possible.

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