It’s Time to Update Your Resume (‘Update Your Resume Month’ is Here!)

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It’s Time to Update Your Resume (‘Update Your Resume Month’ is Here!)

If you didn’t know, September is “International Update Your Resume Month”! Yes, there really is a designated month to help us all remember that updating the resume is an important step to managing our careers. Whether you are considering looking for a new job or you are happy with where you are with your employer and career, taking the time to update the resume can help you make better sense of where you are professionally and the areas you need to work on to continue advancing.

While updates to the resume can be done throughout the year, the month of September is an excellent time to begin! Right after summer comes to an end, employers get into hiring mode between September/October (read: “Employers Are Busy Hiring This Month – Ways You Can Get In On It!”). It’s a prime time to be job searching if you’ve been thinking about a job change or career change.

Once September rolls around, before you know it, the end of the year approaches. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that companies are much more likely to lay off workers during this time of year to clear off the books before a new fiscal year begins. Having your resume updated now will ensure you’re ready to jump start the job search immediately if needed. Many employers also conduct year-end performance reviews on their employees, so updating the resume now will help you reflect on major successes on the job so that you know what you can be highlighting for the annual performance review meeting.

Here are some things to think about as you dust off the resume for updating:

  • Make sure your story and brand message is in sync with your LinkedIn profile. Employers won’t just be looking at the resume when you are job searching. They are also looking at your LinkedIn profile. The two must reflect a similar professional brand image, otherwise you’ll be sending mixed messages. For more tips, read: “Tips to Writing a Summary for Your LinkedIn Profile and Resume.”
  • Make note of the major accomplishments that have helped in paving the way to success in your career. Don’t forget to update your resume with information on advancements, such as a change in job title.
  • Think about things you have done to improve yourself professionally, whether it’s taking on additional training for new certifications or learning a new skill. If you’re lacking in updates for this area, consider if it makes sense to invest in some professional development improvements for yourself now.
  • Evaluate where you are heading in your professional career and what you need to do to continue to progress and advance.
  • If it’s been a long while since you last updated your resume, it can be especially beneficial to bring in a professional resume writer to make sense of your professional progress and career. It’s likely that your resume may need a totally revamp to focus on what’s important to today’s employers and what it is exactly that you bring to the table.

Remember – updating the resume doesn’t necessarily have to happen only when you’re planning to head into job search mode. Taking the time to evaluate your professional development and progress can also help to direct you on what additional action may be needed for your career advancement.

For additional tips on how to keep your resume updated at all times, read the advice provided in “Ways to Spruce Up the Resume for Your Next Job Search” and “New Grads: Why You Should Update Your Resume, Even If You’re Not Job-Hunting.”

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