Where Recruiters Are Looking and Where You Need to Be as a Job Seeker

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Where Recruiters Are Looking and Where You Need to Be as a Job Seeker

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As a job seeker, it’s important to know where recruiters are looking to find talent, in order to place yourself where employers can see you. It’s one thing to simply be where recruiters are looking, but it’s another thing entirely to be ready with a well-polished resume and online presence.

Let’s first discuss where recruiters are looking for talent. Afterwards, we will dive into what you can be doing as a job seeker to impress recruiters.

Where Are Recruiters Looking?
In today’s digital age, most recruiters are sourcing talent from LinkedIn. They are searching for job candidates by evaluating the following:

  • Skills – searching specifically by keywords for the skills needed on the job.
  • Employers – going directly to employer profiles and looking up its employees by job titles, as well as who they are connected to that fits the bill.
  • Groups – LinkedIn offers various groups that its members can join, depending upon their professional interests. Recruiters know active groups are a key source of talent, because strong voices often share insight. Often, recruiters will also post jobs in groups to find the right talent.
  • Endorsement and Recommendations – On LinkedIn, whether you are endorsing or recommending others, or others are endorsing and recommending you, that information gets publicized not just within your network but the other contact’s network as well. Recruiters take note of individuals giving recommendations and endorsements for specific skills as well as receiving them. For more tips on recommendations and endorsements to your LinkedIn profile, read: “LinkedIn Recommendations Are a Must for the Job Seeker’s Profile.”
  • Alumni Connection – recruiters also know to look through university profile pages for alumni who may have the experiences and skills needed for job openings. There’s the ability to search alumni by study, industry, skills and more. Read: “Networking through Alumni to Help Find Your Next Job.”

There are a variety of roundabout ways recruiters use to find talent on LinkedIn. That’s why it’s so important to be well-connected on LinkedIn, and that efforts be made to continue to care for existing relationships as well as to found new relationships on LinkedIn.

What Do Job Seekers Need to Do to Get Recruiters Looking Their Way?
Considering all of the various paths a recruiter takes to find talent on LinkedIn, it’s critical for job seekers to have a complete and polished LinkedIn profile for viewing before launching job hunt efforts. Today’s job seekers need to realize that the LinkedIn profile plays just as important a role as the resume. In many cases, it’s the online professional profile on LinkedIn that will be reviewed before recruiters will even glance at the resume.

For more information on preparing the LinkedIn profile and using its latest features helping to connect companies and recruiters with job candidates called “Open Candidates”, read: “12 Ways to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Out There to Help with Your Job Search.”

Finally, make sure to have your LinkedIn profile visible to the public when you’re job hunting. Oftentimes, recruiters will conduct searches directly from the search engines such as Google. The results page will include LinkedIn profile pages, but a profile that is not made public will not be viewable to recruiters looking for talent like you.

The digital world has made access to finding talent and job opportunities much easier, but it also means that as a job seeker, you need to be ready with not just your resume, but a professional online presence such as a LinkedIn profile.

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