Employers Are Busy Hiring This Month – Ways You Can Get In On It!

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Employers Are Busy Hiring This Month – Ways You Can Get In On It!

When September is here, employers are busy with making major hires. It’s the second biggest hiring period after January/February, when the vacation days and summer slowdown come to an end. So, if you’ve been thinking about a potential job change or career change, now is the time to get moving in on the action.

Here are several things you should think about doing right now:

Update Your Resume and Make It Stronger
If you’re in a time crunch and want guaranteed results, it’s best to go with a professional resume writer who can fine-tune your story and work to highlight the type of qualities that employers will be looking for. Professional resume writers will also understand the ins and outs when it comes to resume writing as it applies to applicant tracking systems, which many of the larger employers are now relying on.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile to Carry Your Professional Brand Online
LinkedIn has become a key source for employers and recruiters to find talent. Having a LinkedIn profile is a must for today’s job seeker. It’s also an integral part of the job search process. You’ll be using it to network with important contacts as well as to apply for jobs. And, even if you choose not to use it for networking, it’s still important to present a polished professional brand image online. Many employers will be reviewing your online presence and expect a LinkedIn profile available to review information beyond what you include to the resume.

Seek the Help of Professional Resume Distribution Services
Employers are already out interviewing, and if you want to get in on the busy hiring months now, you’ll be relying on the help of professional distribution services, like that of what’s offered by About Jobs is the way to go. There are services that help to place your resume up on the job boards that matter. At the same time, these services help set up job alerts so that you are immediately informed of new job postings that fit your job search criteria.

Professional distribution services are also available to target specialized recruiters in your industry or geography. Since many employers will not post jobs on LinkedIn or job boards, especially for executive-level positions, relying on such targeted services can help get you on the radar of the right contacts looking for your type of experience and skills.

When it comes to job searching, the right timing can really impact your job search results. Many experts also say the period of September/October tends to have a smoother hiring process, whereas other times of the year you may see employers interviewing, but not taking swift action with an immediate hire. If you don’t want to continue lingering around the old job search process, take swift action now to ready yourself and your job search tools.

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