Next-Gen Jobs: Desirable Tech Skills to Have on the Resume

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Next-Gen Jobs: Desirable Tech Skills to Have on the Resume

Image by Geralt via Pixabay.

What are some of the most important things to have on the resume? That is a question you need to ask yourself as you’re preparing to write or update your resume. While tech skills are clearly a focal point for IT professionals, it’s also a key component to the resume for all professionals in general in today’s digital age.

Regardless of whether you’re an IT Administrator, Web Designer, Nurse, Senior Accountant, or Front-Desk Hotel Rep, tech skills are critical to today’s jobs. Having the right tech skills makes you more marketable.

Wondering what are some of the top tech skills are for next-generation jobs? We outline some of them here:

Social Media Savvy
Employees who know how to tap into social media are viewed by employers as “current” and “skilled”. As a greater number of businesses expand beyond the basic website format and into social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others in order to connect with the world, being social media savvy is becoming a desirable trait to have. Being social media savvy means you are knowledgeable and capable of tapping into the digital world for research purposes, marketing purposes, community outreach purposes, and so many other ways that can benefit a business.

Project Management Tools
In many professions, coordinated teamwork is required on the job. One project may have multiple hands at play. Becoming familiar with some of the more common project management tools on a computer is desirable to many employers as more and more employees conduct their work remotely and teams may be run across different locations.

Microsoft Excel
While proficiency at Excel is commonly requested from professionals in the fields of finance and accounting, Excel is a broad application program for many professions. Gaining proficiency at it will prove beneficial in many ways on the job whether you need to number crunch, collect, and manage data, or produce visuals through charts and pies.

Other Microsoft Programs
Many businesses also value employees knowledgeable and skilled at Microsoft programs like Access and SharePoint. These types of programs continue to help businesses run smoothly and efficiently. Through SharePoint, it helps businesses with document management. Through Access, it can be used to help with database needs.

In this digital age, many employers are running their business online and many are also managing it through a content management system like WordPress. Like HTML, you may not be working directly on web development or content, but understanding the basics to the admin dashboard will prove useful to understanding the inner workings and structures of websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The Internet is overflowing with information. Having SEO skills becomes highly desirable in this digital age where every business is competing to have a better placement in the search engine results page.

Pick up on some of these important tech skills today and make yourself more marketable for jobs – and on the resume! And remember, it’s not about dumping technical jargon and buzzwords into the resume. It needs to translate to success on the job. For more tips, read: “Turn IT Jargon into a Strong Brand Message on the Resume.”