Don’t Let Desperation Rule Your Decisions When Job Searching

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Don’t Let Desperation Rule Your Decisions When Job Searching

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Unemployment can take a toll on job seekers, but it can be especially rough on those who have been job searching and getting minimal results over a long period of time. Many employers today aren’t looking to settle on just any candidate. They are looking for the best-fitting candidate for the job. That means not only finding a match on experience and skills, but also in attitude and personality. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, considering that a poor match for the employer or for you as a job seeker likely means having to start back at square one with searching again.

To help you avoid making a bad decision, or a decision that is a result of desperation, ask yourself these questions:

Am I feeling burnt out from job searching?
Burnout can result in many situations in life. It can be from work, in a relationship, or even from job searching. The answer in these instances is not to give in and take the easy way out, like accepting the first job offer that comes your way knowing it’s not exactly the best fit. In instances like this, it’s important to take yourself away from the situation – give yourself a brief break. Use the time to nurture yourself and pull yourself back together. You’ll come back renewed and revived to face the challenge ahead with a new attitude and the ability to take a new approach to securing better results. For more tips to job searching, read: “Cut Your Job Search Time in Half with This Job Search Plan” and “Best Job Search Advice: Building a Job Search Plan.”

Can I envision working here for more than 6 months?
Unless you’re financially struggling, opting to accept a job offer that your heart is not in will just have you regretting it later. Most of us spend a majority of our life at work, so it’s important to head into a job that you like and that you’ll be excited to do. Don’t fall into a happenstance career, as many tend to do, and then end up regretting it. Even if you have to take an unfitting job because you are under financial binds, don’t stop job searching for your dream job. Job searching while employed can be challenging, but there are tips to help make it happen. Read: “Job Search Without Letting Everyone Know.”

Does this job take me down a path that can benefit my future career?
Whenever deciding on a job offer, it’s always critical to think beyond today. The job you end up accepting will in some way or another impact your future. Think about whether you’ll be proud to have the employer’s name on your resume when you need to job search again. Will you have new skills and experiences gained from the experience to help take you further along in your career? These are some critical questions to think about before coming to a final decision on a job offer.

Be true to yourself. If you’re not making thoughtful considerations to career decisions, or managing your career, no one else will. For additional great tips to improve your job hunt experience, read: “Job Hunting: Much Has Changed, But Here’s What Still Works Best.”