12 Ways to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Out There to Help with Your Job Search

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12 Ways to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Out There to Help with Your Job Search

You may be the best talent out there for the job, but if employers can’t find you, you’re not going to get the job. This is a scenario many job seekers struggle with– how to get in front of the right employers and recruiters. Fortunately, tweaking your LinkedIn profile can help get you noticed more easily.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile can drastically change your job search results. An optimized LinkedIn profile can help ensure your profile comes out on top when employers and recruiters conduct searches on LinkedIn and search engines like Google. Even if you’ve done a good job building your online presence through a personal website or blog, it’s your LinkedIn profile that has the best shot at coming out on top in general search results.

To start improving your presence in front of employers and recruiters, here are some things you can do with your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Establish ‘All Star’ Status. By completing all the sections to your profile, you can secure ‘All Star’ status. ‘All Star’ status helps puts your profile higher in search results. Remember to check your privacy settings to make sure your profile is viewable to all.
  2. Personalize Your LinkedIn URL. By default, your profile page may contain a URL that includes a stream of digits. You can change it to promote your professional brand, whether it be LinkedIn.com/in/YourName or LinkedIn.com/in/Brand Message.
  3. Add Your LinkedIn Profile to all Communication Touch Points. Adding your personalized LinkedIn profile URL to your communication touch points encourage others to network with you. It can be on your resume, email signature, or other social network pages, such as Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Include a Professional Headshot. Profiles that don’t include a headshot are less likely to be clicked on by employers and recruiters. According to LinkedIn, those with a profile photo receive 21 times more views and 9 times more connection requests.
  5. Apply the Right Keywords. In writing out the sections of you LinkedIn profile, look for opportunities to use relevant keywords. It’ll help others searching for those terms to find your profile.
  6. Specify Current Position. Even if you’re currently unemployed, specifying a current position makes your profile more searchable to recruiters, as much as 16 times more according to LinkedIn. For more tips to improving your LinkedIn profile while unemployed, read: “LinkedIn Profile Tips to Help with Job Searching When You’re Unemployed.”
  7. Add More Skills. Profiles with more than 5 skills have more searchable points, making it easier for recruiters to find your profile.
  8. Present Status Updates. An active LinkedIn profile encourages employers and recruiters to contact you, especially when your status updates include industry relevant news and insightful thoughts. To give your status updates even more reach, when appropriate, tag the relevant people or companies with @ and the name. For example: @JobExpert.
  9. Publish and Share Article Posts. LinkedIn Pulse offers users the opportunity to share content through written articles. Use it as an opportunity to author content you have expertise in. When you publish it on LinkedIn Pulse, it is shared with your network of contacts and the network of those who share it. It also becomes searchable content on LinkedIn and search engines.
  10. Join LinkedIn Groups and Contribute. LinkedIn Groups aren’t only good to join for purposes of advice and tips, but also for opportunities to get your voice out where you can be heard by other like-minded professionals. Sharing valuable insight can get you noticed. It’s also a way in to connecting with people who have joined the Group because now you can send a personalized invite (Read: “5 Tips to Personalizing the LinkedIn Invitation to Connect”) via LinkedIn.
  11. Ask for Recommendations. The best publicity you can get is that coming from third parties, like your current/former boss, colleagues, and clients. It is proof of your character and abilities, making you the credible professional you are.
  12. Apply Features Offered on LinkedIn to Help with Job Searching. While most people know to use LinkedIn for networking purposes, many do not know that the platform also offers many features that can help with job searching. LinkedIn’s “Open Candidates” feature informs companies and recruiters that you’re actively looking for new opportunities. Find out more reading: “What Job Seekers Need to Know about LinkedIn’s Open Candidates Function.” More recently, LinkedIn announced the feature called “LinkedIn Search.” The feature offers greater detail into how your profile is being found by others.