Ways to Spruce Up the Resume for Your Next Job Search

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Ways to Spruce Up the Resume for Your Next Job Search

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Seasonal slowdowns are a great time to get ahead. Take this time to spruce up your old resume so that it’s ready for your next job search. Avoid having to scramble under short notice or under inconvenient circumstances to have to fix up the resume. Time saved can factor into landing your next job faster!

Even minor updates here and there to the resume can help with getting better prepared for the job search. Here are some things you can edit on the resume right now that you won’t regret getting out of the way:

  • New Skills
    Regardless of your profession, there are always new skills to learn or improve upon. Keep your resume updated with these new skills to inform employers about your knowledge and abilities while on the job. And, as quickly as you may have a new skill to add, there may be existing skills on the resume that have grown outdated. Take the time not only to just add what’s new, but to also take out what’s old or of minimal value to the next employer.
  • New Training
    Along the same line as skills, training and certifications can be particularly valuable on the resume. Inform employers that you are ready for the current challenges that your job may bring. Those who present new training and certifications also leave the employer with the impression that you are the type of person that seeks growth and success – a good trait in an employee.
  • New Lingo
    Keep up with the times using today’s professional language and shorthand. Not only does the right lingo help attract a reader looking for keywords, but it keeps your resume up-to-date. For example, “Digital marketing” has taken over to cover “Internet marketing,” “Online marketing,” and “Web marketing” under one umbrella. This is just one example, but there are plenty more, particularly for those in the IT profession. For more tips about properly positioning your experience and skills on the resume, read: “Don’t Sell Yourself Short on the Resume.”
  • Clean Out The Old
    If it’s been a while since you last touched your resume, there may be more cleaning up to do. In general, you want to look for outdated information when it comes to experience and skills. If the last time you updated your resume was after graduating from college, your resume may still have information on college courses and internships. That information can be removed and replaced with more relevant professional experience. Also, technical skills and certifications tend to frequently change and require updating. Make sure your resume doesn’t include information that may come across as out-of-date.
  • Work on Recommendations
    While recommendations are not a requirement on the resume, it’s a good time to start asking for them or at least getting endorsed for the right skills through your LinkedIn profile. Having third parties put in a good word, especially coming from your current or former boss, clients, and professional colleagues, adds to your credibility. Finding the right opportunities to ask for recommendations also always works better than putting in the request at the last minute. For more tips to securing recommendations on LinkedIn, read: “LinkedIn Recommendations Are a Must for the Job Seeker’s Profile.”

So, whenever you are finding down-time, take a moment to spruce of the resume and all the tools necessary to job-hunting for a quicker jump-start to the job search. Your employment status can change in a blink of an eye without warning. It may be under good conditions, such as a job opportunity that arises at work or a referral from an old colleague, or under less pleasant conditions, such as a layoff or getting fired. Whatever the case may be, you’ll thank yourself later for being ready for it!