Tips to Preparing for the Job Interview When You’re a Healthcare Technician

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Tips to Preparing for the Job Interview When You’re a Healthcare Technician

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It can be stressful not knowing what to expect at the job interview, but with proper research, planning, and mental practice, you can head into the job interview confident and ready for anything that comes your way. For healthcare technicians, the job interview is not just about your level of experience and skills, but also how you handle yourself under certain stressful situations. Employers will also look at your ability to work with different personalities.

Here are some areas of focus to help prepare for the job interview as well as approaches to help develop the best response:

Experience Level
Generally, when healthcare technicians are asked about their level of experience, the employer wants to know how the candidate has used their technical skills and under what circumstances. To offer employers a better perspective, consider addressing it with the SAR approach. The SAR approach lays out the Situation, Challenge, and your Actions/Results. Presenting information in this manner will help employers understand and relate to your level of experience. It’s also an effective approach to use when resume writing, read: “Ways to Tell Your Story & Impress …”

Tell Your Challenge Story
Before the job interview, think about one or two stories you can tell that effectively display your ability to handle stress on the job. Think about a time when you were faced with a challenge on the job and how you dealt with it. The interviewer will likely have questions of their own that put you in a scenario to see your response, but you should also come armed with anecdotes. Highlight real situations faced on the job and how you remained calm and confident in handling it.

People Skills
People skills are critical for those working in healthcare. Even if your job primarily deals in operating equipment/technology, it’s an environment where patients may be dealt with, as well as potentially encountering numerous other professionals in healthcare. Good interpersonal skills are highly desirable by healthcare employers. Think of ways your people skills can be demonstrated. It’s not enough to say, “I’m caring and a good listener.” Demonstrate through example.

Not all interview questions can be predicted, but having a general idea of the types of questions and scenarios you may be put under will help you mentally prepare to communicate in a manner that will impress employers.

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