4 Things to Share on LinkedIn to Build Your Professional Brand

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4 Things to Share on LinkedIn to Build Your Professional Brand

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There is plenty of talk on what you “SHOULD NOT” share on social media if you’re in the process of job searching, but what about what you “SHOULD” share to help build your professional brand image? The fact is employers are looking to LinkedIn and other social networking platforms to find talent. Sharing the wrong type of information on social media can hurt your chances as a job seeker, but sharing the right information can help establish you as a credible professional in your industry.

Employers are using social networking sites daily, especially LinkedIn to screen job applicants (read: “How Are Employers Screening You through Social Media?”). They are also using the platform to post jobs and directly communicate with job applicants. How you present yourself online matters greatly when job searching. Regardless of whether you’ve worked on building your professional brand image or not, an impression is left with employers when they view your LinkedIn profile.

Here are things you can share on LinkedIn to help build your professional brand:

  1. Share industry news that’s relevant to your profession.
    Staying on top of industry news related to your profession is critical to helping you and other professionals in the space perform better when on the job. When you’re sharing relevant industry news from credible news outlets or industry conferences on LinkedIn, it leaves the impression that you are at the top of your game and know and ins and outs of what’s happening in your industry and profession. It can be as simple as sharing news article you came across in an industry publication or a photo or video of a meeting you attended.
  2. Post your own articles
    When you post your own written work on LinkedIn, you are exposing yourself to a highly-professional network. Not only are all the people you’re connected to receiving notice that you’ve published an article, but it will also help get you in front of other professionals in your industry. Your article may be shared by others, which then notifies that individual’s connections, or it can be found through a search of the topic. On LinkedIn, you’re free to post your own original content or you can repurpose content you’ve already posted elsewhere. This is your opportunity to further engage with the professional community in your industry, so work to provide useful content. If you’re posting too much content that’s irrelevant to people, they will eventually tune you out.
  3. Share professional achievements
    When there’s the opportunity, share your professional achievements on LinkedIn as they occur. This also helps build your professional brand for the industry and profession you’re in. It can be anything from an award you received at work, certification after completing additional training, or any other acknowledgement that can help cement the case that you are a valuable professional in your field of work.
  4. Participate and build discussion
    LinkedIn Groups and article posts other people share are great outlets to get your name and face out there. When you participate by providing feedback or comments, anyone who is a follower of that Group or individual will have the opportunity to see what you wrote. It’s one of the easiest ways to get recognized by others in your industry because all you need to do is get into the circle of an industry influencer. Influencers in an industry will have many followers, so it’s your doorway to getting noticed especially if you’re offering thoughtful commentary that adds value to the original content.

Sharing the right type of information on LinkedIn not only helps build your professional brand, but it also opens the door to engagement opportunities with other professionals in your industry. Continue to engage and build your professional network. It can be beneficial whether you are job searching or remain happily employed. For more, read: “Networking Tips for Job Searching and Career Growth.”