LinkedIn Recommendations Are a Must for the Job Seeker’s Profile

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LinkedIn Recommendations Are a Must for the Job Seeker’s Profile

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Today, more job seekers and employers are resorting to LinkedIn to make connections when it comes to job searching and talent searching. If you’re not part of it, you’re losing out on opportunities and the precious time it takes to find and secure your next job. We’ve talked in the past about the need to establish a LinkedIn profile as a job seeker, so today’s focus is on what your LinkedIn profile needs – specifically Recommendations.

LinkedIn is a networking platform, so who you are connected to matters and what they have say about you in the form of a Recommendation or Endorsement matters even more – particularly when it’s coming from your boss, former boss, or other professionals in the field. The fact is LinkedIn is as much a resource to job seekers as it is for employers because it has provided them an inner view into each candidate’s professionalism and reputation.

Practical every job offer extended means the employer has pried into the candidate’s work history through follow-up with references, as well as a review of the Recommendations and Endorsements shown on LinkedIn. These Recommendations and Endorsement, together, can help seal the deal with employers for interviews and job offers because they have been given additional insight that may relieve any perceived risks in pursuing you for the job.

Recommendations on your LinkedIn profile should not be viewed as an optional section to fulfill. As a job seeker, it’s a section that must be completed. Remember that part of the information employers see when you apply for a job via LinkedIn is the number of recommendations you have (read: “See Things from The Employer’s Side: What Happens When You Apply for a Job on LinkedIn”). When your information indicates “0” Recommendations, it does not leave you in the best light to impress.

Review these steps and tips to securing Recommendations on your LinkedIn profile.

Who to get Recommendations from?
Go through your connections and hone in on the contacts that will matter when it comes to employers checking references. Typically, that means your current boss, former boss(es), colleagues in the same field, and clients. Assess which relationships are strong where you know they’d be able and willing to offer you a recommendation.

When to ask for a Recommendation?
Things are more in your favor when you ask for a recommendation after you’ve successfully completed a project or around awards. That’s when your contacts may have more to think and say about you. Under other situations, make sure your contact is reminded about specifics times and details of a project so there is something they can reflect on when writing the recommendation.

How to ask for a Recommendation?
It’s always best to come off personable when you make such a request. When possible, ask for it in person or over the telephone. This provides the opportunity for you to share more details and discuss your job search where you can prompt your contact to focus on the areas of importance. Of course, if you’re employed and asking for a recommendation from your current boss you may not want to hint at job searching, so focus on a recent project completed.