Ways to Beef Up the IT Resume

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Ways to Beef Up the IT Resume

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What’s to say you’ll be any better at the job than the next job applicant? In IT, a standout resume doesn’t simply include a combination of relevant keywords on software programs and certifications. There’s more that needs to be done on the resume to prove to employers you have what it takes to do the job – and to do it well!

Turn the resume that is bare bones into one with substance to show your skills and proven track record of success on the job! Here are some ways to beef up the IT resume:

  • Highlight mastered certifications for the job
    Being certified in the right areas is a great starting point to making the right impression. And if you’re an IT leader, so are IT degrees! It informs employers you’re at the top of your game and that you’ve put in the extra effort to stay in the game. In highlighting certifications on the resume, also detail how you’ve used it at work. It’s not simply about letting employers know you’re familiar with it, but that you’ve mastered it under a professional work environment. For more tips on how to apply it to the resume, read: “Ways to Fine Tune the Technical Resume.”
  • Showcase projects
    Provide employers with insight on how you utilized your experience and skills to bring results. By showcasing projects, it’ll give employers a better understanding to the depth of your experience and your abilities on the job. It’s these unique experiences and projects that’ll help differentiate your experience and background from other candidates.
  • Apply relevant keywords
    Most employers are skimming through resumes looking for a combination of things that catch their eye. Employers are zoning in on keywords. To know what keywords to apply to your resume, carefully review the job description and understand the qualification requirements. This will tell you what the employer interprets as important skills and experiences and what they value. If the job description is brief, you can also look at the company’s website, social networking pages, and view job descriptions from its competitors for the same position. Once you have a handle on the relevant keywords to apply, incorporate it into the writing of your success story and brand message. It’s not just about having the terms sit on the resume. Find more tips, reading: “Turn IT Jargon into a Strong Brand Message on the Resume.”
  • Quantify results with numbers
    Employers hiring IT professionals want to know what impact they’ve made in past experiences and what they’re capable of doing on the job. Deliver your message on the resume by quantifying results. Use numbers in the form of dollars and/or percentages to tell your story. Was there a cost savings of 50% with the implementation of a technical process? Has the user process improved resulting in the customer satisfaction rating going up and a 20% increase in customer referrals? Frame your success and achievements on the job in context with business success and growth. It’ll leave a more impressive mark with employers.

An IT resume with substance allows you to inform employers what you can bring to the table. Showcase that you’re qualified for the job with the help of these tips!