Social Networks for Job Seekers to Help with the Job Search

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Social Networks for Job Seekers to Help with the Job Search

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At one point job boards were the way to go when it came to job searching. Today, if you’re job searching, you had better be on the major social networks or you’re losing out. The obvious ones include LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, but did you know there are several more that can help with improving your online personal brand for the job search and for job networking?

The fact is whether you choose to include a hyperlink on your LinkedIn profile to the resume or not, the employer at some point in the process will review your online social profile as part of its hiring decision. It’s another level of reference checking today. Employers want to know that you are who you say you are. That your professional brand message online is in sync with what’s been presented to them.

And, on top of serving as another point of reference checking for employers, social networks also help recruiters find you more easily.

Here are other social networks to consider joining to increase your online presence and to enhance your network of contacts to help with the job search.

If you’ve found benefit using LinkedIn, then get started on building your Google+ profile. Not only does having a Google+ profile help you show up higher in Google search results, but like LinkedIn, you can include a bio, your work history, education and feature content you’ve written or that you simply want to share. And like LinkedIn Groups, Google+ has Communities to join that allow you to interact with like-minded individuals.

SlideShare is part of the LinkedIn family. It’s another outlet that allows you to post content like your resume, videos, projects, and presentations. While you may be wondering, can’t I already do that through my personal website or other social networks? The great feature about SlideShare is that it presents the content as a slide deck so that users can easily flip through information rather than scroll down a lengthy page. Content is presented in a more appealing manner, which makes it easier to absorb. The network is heavily used by professionals and it’s a top 100 most-visited website around the world.
For those of you who do not already have a personal website or blog, you’ll find a handy website to start with. It allows you to create a profile that includes a small bio, work history, and the opportunity to include personalized photos (which can be especially handy for those of you in the design space). The network also offers opportunities to connect with others who have similar skills or interests and you can link to your other social networks.

YouTube may not be for every job seeker to use to build an online presence, but for those of you looking to establish a visual resume, this can be a great outlet for that. Depending on your profession, you can also further establish your professional brand posting how-to videos.

Just like employers are taking advantage of social media to find job candidates and review information on candidates online, you as a job seeker can use social media to build your online presence and find ways to more easily connect with employers of interest.