Questions to Ask That’ll Help You Get Started on Resume Writing

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Questions to Ask That’ll Help You Get Started on Resume Writing

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Are you at a lost on where to start when it comes to writing your own resume? It’s no easy task when you have to take an objective stance writing about your own experience, skills and qualifications for the job, and that’s why in many cases, it helps to work with a professional resume writer. However, even if you decide to go it alone, here are some questions to begin asking yourself to help get started with crafting the resume that effectively speaks to the employer.

Ask yourself these questions:

What appeals to me about the job?
As you review the job posting and its job description, what it is that catches your attention about the job and/or employer? Aside from the obvious personal benefits and perks like a nice-looking salary, free snack bar, and/or free gym membership, dive deep into understanding the job itself and envision the challenges and goals. Now think about the experiences and skills you have to fulfill the job, as well as your motivation to go beyond that. That’s what your resume needs to highlight and focus on to appeal to the employer.

What can I showcase to prove to the employer I have what it takes to do the job?
On the resume, this question helps address key points you’ll need to highlight through the Summary, Work Experience, and Skills sections. Remember, it’s not about telling the employer information they already know, like the responsibilities that come along with the job you held. The focus needs to be on what you achieved and accomplished that can help demonstrate you have what it takes to do well if presented with the job. Highlight the accomplishments and skills that will matter to the employer.

How can I showcase that my skills are current?
When employers decide to hire a candidate they need to have assurance that the individual has up-to-date skills and know-how to perform effectively on the job. Aside from having current employment in the profession, think about what else you can showcase, like relevant and current certifications, recent courses you’ve undertaken, and highlight how you have applied the skills on the job to bring about results.

What information do I need to prioritize?
The window of opportunity to impress is short. In most cases, employers are skimming your resume and know within seconds whether you’re a keeper or one to pass. Knowing what information to prioritize on the resume will ensure you grab the reader’s attention instantly and maintain it. If you can clearly understand the employer’s needs, and showcase effectively you have what they are looking for, you’ll have a fair chance. Find more tips reading: “Tips to Crafting an Effective Resume for the Cursory Glance and Deeper Read.”

A customized resume is necessary for each job and employer you apply to. These questions above are to help you get started with crafting a resume that will immediately speak to the employer.

To secure the job opportunity, take the time to thoroughly think through the questions before crafting your resume. And in the case of those of you who already have a written resume, review the questions above and make sure your resume addresses the key points employers will be looking for.