Resume Writing Tips To Get Employers Calling You

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Resume Writing Tips To Get Employers Calling You

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Anyone who’s been through a job search knows a call-back doesn’t happen with every job you apply to. So, what’s the magic tip off to getting a call-back from employers? In many instances, it all starts with the resume. The resume needs to have the right information that clicks with the employer’s needs.

The employer is not going to give you a callback unless you have information that relays you are capable of offering solutions it needs. And now you’re probably wondering: “How exactly does one go about making those connections on the resume?”

Read the tips below to get started:

Talk about skills, not job duties
Many go about resume writing thinking it’s simply about informing the prospective employer about what responsibilities you’ve held, and end up running with…

“Managed a staff of 10 people….”
“Responded to customer inquiries….”
“Oversaw the production of….”

These messages can only do so much. They are only indicating what responsibilities were held on the job, but to the prospective employer, what they really want to know is what skills you have and what results did you produce with it that may be applied on the job with them?

An easy way to avoid ineffective messages on the resume is to simply apply the question “So what?” This is where you come back to what you’ve written on the resume and ask yourself, “So what does this mean for the prospective employer?” Tailor the message in a way that informs the prospective employer of your potential and what you can do for them.

Plug in keywords from the job description
Your resume needs to talk the same talk. Think about when you’re in close conversation with a friend, you’ll notice your body language may be the same and your choice of words. Your resume needs to do the same in terms of presenting information reflective of what’s presented in the job description.

The more you can keyword match what’s displayed with the job description, the more relevant your resume will come off. If the employer focuses a lot in the job description about granting writing for scientific cancer research, that’s something to heavily highlight on your own resume to make a connection with the employer and to further demonstrate your qualification for the job.

For more tips, read: “Optimizing Your Resume with Keywords.”

Know where to send your resume
If you’re following the typical crowd of job seekers submitting your resume to a general HR email address or simply clicking on “Apply Now” on the job board, the chance of your resume standing out is slim. Do some research and find the right contact to get in touch with.

Now with social media, it’s easier than ever to network your way into a job opportunity. See who you know who can act as a referral, or even if you don’t have a referral, the process is so much more simplified to get in direct contact with the right people.

These are just some of the basics to WOW employers and to ensure the resume you submit results in a call-back.