3 Tips to Highlight Your Value on the Resume

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3 Tips to Highlight Your Value on the Resume

Photo by basketman/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Photo by basketman/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“What can you do for me?” – That is the question every employer is asking when they are skimming through your resume. Value is seen when what you have to offer matches with what the employer needs.

Your value proposition can come through in several ways on the resume:

  1. Profile Summary.
    Right below your name and contact information should be your profile summary. Give it an appropriate title that immediately speaks to what the employer is seeking, like PMP-certified Project Manager or Marcom Manager – Nonprofit Specialty. The profile summary is brief and made up in 3-4 lines highlighting your specialty and what you have to bring to the table. It clearly answers the question, “What can you do for me?” and helps set you apart from the competition. See How to Craft a Killer Resume Opening
  2. Proof of accomplishments.
    It’s not enough to say you’re a great sales person or accountant. Your claims need to be backed up with proof. Under Work Experience, for each employer, detail your experience supported with quantified and qualified results. Yes, you can indicate you exceeded the quota each month as a sales professional, but so have many others. What does it mean? Support your claim like, “Ranked Top Sales Person of the Year at the company in the last two years.”

Add a Highlights Section.
If you have numerous impressive achievements, having a HIGHLIGHTS section lets you showcase your most impressive accomplishments right up front so the employer will want to know more about you. These “WOW” statements should be short and to the point.

For example,

– Led a 200-person sales organization to deliver record sales results, including 300% revenue growth in the first 12 months.

– Grew channel partner base 800% and delivered 310%+ YOY revenue growth for 3 straight years, consistently achieving 195-245% of plan.

– Increased profitability 235% and active client base 920% in 12 months.

  1. List of Capabilities.
    As more employers depend on Applicant Tracking Systems to filter resumes, you can increase your resume ranking by adding a Capabilities section. Here you repeat some things in their job posting to get a good match rating from the software. You want to refer to specific qualifications and requirements indicated in the job posting and demonstrate how you’ve used the related skills.

When there are hundreds of applicants vying for the same job, it’s your value proposition that will differentiate you from others. Inform the employer how you have the experience and skills to meet their needs.