When Does the Resume Warrant More Than One Page?

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When Does the Resume Warrant More Than One Page?

Photo by iosphere/FreeDigitalImages.net

Photo by iosphere/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

You may have heard the general advice to keep your resume to one page, but times have changed. The focus should not be on how long the resume is, but on its content.

Consider that most of today’s employers are using Applicant Tracking Systems to read and rank resumes. Now 85-90% of companies and job boards are using Applicant Tracking Systems, up from 35% just a few years ago. The software doesn’t notice whether your resume is one page or three pages long. All it cares about are matches it can make with search terms provided by the employer.

The challenge is that the Applicant Tracking Systems look for keywords regarding roles and responsibilities while the human screener looks for accomplishments.

For example, if you are an administrative assistant, most people know what you do. Five years ago I would have advised you to not go into much detail about your ability to manage schedules, events, correspondence and travel. Now the more you mention it, the higher ranking you will get from the Applicant Tracking System.

This means your resume will be longer and more wordy and generally not one page.

It also means that when you give the resume directly to someone, they may even comment on how wordy it is, and you might even consider a different resume for networking directly to people versus the one that is submitted online into the Applicant Tracking System. (Yes, the digital age has made job seeking more difficult).

The bottom line is to have good content that will please both the computer and the human screener which is far more important than page length.