How to Make the ‘Skills & Expertise’ Section of Your LinkedIn Profile Work For You

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How to Make the ‘Skills & Expertise’ Section of Your LinkedIn Profile Work For You

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Your social media profile can do wonders to help you secure job opportunities and get recruiters to notice you. However, on LinkedIn, it’s not simply about filling in the basic fields for your name, experience and education. Because of new features that LinkedIn has added, it has become all the more important for the ‘Skills & Expertise’ section to be completed.

One of the basic methods that recruiters use to locate talent on LinkedIn is by conducting a keyword search based on specific skills and expertise required for the opening. While there used to be the ‘Specialties’ section to help narrow talent on LinkedIn, that section has since been removed. What is left to help recruiters refine search results is information available in the ‘Skills & Expertise’ section of a candidate’s profile. And more recently – as of late-September, a new feature known as ‘Endorsements’ came to life. This is where people can validate that you are strong in specific skills, making it that much easier for recruiters to identify talented candidates.

Here are ways in which you can more effectively utilize the ‘Skills & Expertise’ section of your LinkedIn profile to your advantage, as well as ensure recruiters find you at the top of their search result.

Go into LinkedIn and select Edit Profile, then scroll down until you see the “Skills & Expertise” and click on “Add a Skill”.

Start typing a skill you wish to add and a drop-down list of Skills used by others will appear. Now choose the ones that apply to you.

Another thing you can do to identify important skills and keywords is click on the “More” section from the top menu on LinkedIn and then choose “Skills and Expertise”. Now when you type in a skill, you can see people who have indicated they have this core skill. Look at their profiles and see if there are other skills you wish to add. You can have up to 50 Skills.

Avoid fluff words. Since there is a limit to the keywords in the section, don’t waste it on words that don’t say much or that anyone can claim. We’re referring to words such as ‘team player,’ ‘hard working,’ etc. You want to distinguish yourself from other LinkedIn profiles of candidates. Which skills and experiences make you a unique and essential candidate?

Now you want to take advantage of LinkedIn’s new Skills Endorsement feature. Invite colleagues to view your profile, scroll down to the Skill section and click the + to endorse you. It is that easy.

A good tip is to go to some of your associate’s profiles, endorse them and they will be prompted to do the same for you.

Don’t pass up job opportunities by not completing the ‘Skills & Expertise’ section of your LinkedIn profile. Skills and expertise is one of the main factors recruiters go by to locate and determine suitable candidates on LinkedIn. And having your skills endorsed is a way to gain a higher ranking.