5 Tips You Need to Know to Get That Job

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5 Tips You Need to Know to Get That Job

Guest Post: Amanda Green

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Searching for a new job can be a challenge, particularly in the present recession, even for experienced professionals who want to further their career paths. And while experience and talent can impress many prospective employers, professionals in the job market are competing with others who are just as experienced and talented, so the question becomes how does one stand out from the crowd?

Whether employed or not during the job search, there are some things that all professionals can do to improve their chances of moving up the next step of their career ladder.

Tip 1: Craft a solid, impressive resume that explains any employment gaps, highlights any particular successes and showcases the skills, talents and experience that the professional will bring to the job she undertakes. Additionally, the resume needs to be focused on the job desired, which means that one professional might have several resumes and is constantly working on the resume to tailor it to each position she is applying for.

Tip 2: Use all the available resources to network. Places like Linkedin, Facebook and even Twitter, among others, offer an opportunity for professionals to exchange information about possible appealing positions and to market themselves at the same time. Friends, family members and professional contacts can all help to refer a professional for a position. This is very important at a time when many interviews are done and many positions are filled through personal referrals.

Tip 3: Update your education. No matter the experience and level of education a professional already possesses, there are always courses available to broaden their knowledge or skills base. By investing some time researching course options at a website such as www.sanfordbrown.edu, professionals can choose courses to help them prepare for even the most advanced jobs.

Tip 4: Prepare for interviews. Professionals should research the company and position they are applying for prior to the interview so that they can plan out the questions they will need to ask the interviewer. Being knowledgeable about the company and the position will also allow the professional to market herself more effectively during the interview, matching her skills and talents with those needed to perform successfully in that particular position.

Tip 5: Ask for the job directly. Whether during the interview or after the interview through a thank you note in an email, the professional should clearly express that she wants the job and why she is the perfect candidate to fill this position.