Quick Way to Own the Interview

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Quick Way to Own the Interview

Want to really own the interview? Proactively take the next step in identifying a company’s woes.

For example, Bill was interviewing for a senior sales executive role with a Fortune 500 company and he really wanted this job. He was interviewing with the CEO and at that time he was asked the basic question, “So what do you know about us?”. 

Bill replied with some information that anyone can find online and then added: “You clearly have a brand reputation for providing the highest quality and personalized service. So I thought it would be interesting to mystery shop some of your locations. I also mystery shopped your 2 biggest competitors to see what they thought about you. Want to know what I found out?”.

Well the CEO jumped out of his seat and what started as a 30-minute scheduled interview turned into a 90-minute enthusiastic discussion of what Bill saw as problems and opportunities and how he would address them. During this time he asked the CEO dozens of questions and was able to develop both professional and personal rapport.

Yes, he got the job!

Note that this can be used for most jobs. Just imagine that you’ve been asked how you would fix their problems and plan to go into detail as to what you learned and how you would apply a solution. Makes a world of difference in differentiating yourself and leaving a positive impression.