Using LinkedIn When You are Employed

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Using LinkedIn When You are Employed

Every professional should be on LinkedIn as it is a great way to increase your online presence and connect to other professionals. If you are employed, you can use it to engage with others in your field, share information, see what your competitors are up to and follow industry trends. If you are unemployed, obviously it has great job seeker tools. But what do you do if you are employed and seeking a job, but don’t want your employer to know?

First review your profile. Make sure that someone reading it will not immediately infer that you are looking for new employment.  A dead giveaway: “willing to relocate”.  If you are not leaving your organization, then why would you put that?

Another tell-tale sign is the groups that you have joined. Remember that people tracking you will see updates and will know if you have joined job seeking groups. I suggest you adjust your settings so connections won’t be notified each time you update your status or make changes to your profile. Remember too that you can indicate which logos appear with your profile, so opt not to show any job search groups.

Use these LinkedIn tips and you can avoid letting your employer know you are searching.