The Professional Networking War

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The Professional Networking War

By now everyone knows about LinkedIn. (If you don’t you NEED to get on board the train as it is already racing out of the station).

LinkedIn now has 80 million members and is the place where internal and external recruiters go to source candidates. Members can search for jobs, identify decision makers and staff, see who has joined the firm and who has left, and see how many levels of contacts they are away from key targets. I love it and have seen firsthand how well it works.

Now imagine you can do the same things in Facebook, which has over 500 million users, more than 6 times the number on LinkedIn. Facebook has added new features that purports to provide the same features as LinkedIn and certainly indicates that they are targeting that market.

Personally I see Facebook for personal use and LinkedIn for business, but that’s just me. What are your thoughts?