Who is managing your career?

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Who is managing your career?

Particularly in these poor economic times, companies are demanding more work and productivity from their employees.  I am regularly hearing from people about how hard they are working and the long hours they are putting in.  That’s great for your employer, but who is taking care of you and your career?

As a career coach I see this all the time. People put in the time and effort to secure their position, only to find that they still lose their job or are not moving ahead. So here are 3 things you need to start doing today.

1.      Get on LinkedIn and optimize your profile.
Internal and external recruiters source candidates from LinkedIn so you MUST have a good presence there. Consider too that all employers will Google your name before calling you and expect to see a positive online presence, so start asking for recommendations from current and past colleagues. You should also join Groups and start a dialogue with key thought leaders and executives at firms that interest you. If you are concerned that your employer will see you on LinkedIn, don’t be, as it is common practice for professionals to have a presence.  A good article on that subject can be found at http://dld.bz/yYS4

A good primer on optimizing your LI profile can be found at http://dld.bz/yZ4b

 Total time:
1 hour to do the profile.
1 hour per week to dialog with colleagues and groups.

 2.      Get your resume professionally prepared.
Every week someone calls me having heard from a recruiter with a “great opportunity”. They want a resume in 24-48 hours and great resumes are not created that way.

Everybody should have a good resume on hand and in this market, it is unlikely you can do that yourself, even if you had the time. So make it easy and effective and hire a good professional resume writing service.  See this Free 10-Point Checklist of what to look for in a good resume writer:  http://dld.bz/wX67

Total time: 1- 2 hours of your time, which can often be off hours.

3. Map out the key decision-makers and influencers in your firm and develop a plan to enhance your visibility.
Every company has politics which is nothing more than swirling personalities and agendas. Nonetheless, when is the last time you clearly identified those who can affect your career? Take the time to see who influences your boss, how he is measured and what the most critical initiatives are. Then grade yourself on how you are involved and helping. Also grade on a scale of 1-10 your relationship with each key member.

 Now build a plan to get more visibility and ally yourself with those in command. This is something everyone should do and is particularly important in this kind of market.

 With these tips and a minimum of effort, you can boost your career management efforts in spite of working 12 hour days.