Turning a Temporary Job into a Permanent Position

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Turning a Temporary Job into a Permanent Position

A lot of people are taking temp-to-perm jobs lately. This is a great way to keep their skills fresh, earn a paycheck and hopefully be offered that coveted full-time position with benefits. Here are some tips to make sure you are #1 on the boss’ list for permanent status.

Of course you should put forth an A+ effort on the job. Produce high quality work, be consistently on time and make friends with everyone. In particular, never say anything bad about anything. Nonetheless, plenty of other people can do this too, so here is what will get you that special edge.

Find out the things that your boss is measured on and consider how you can help him meet his goals. Then learn about his boss and any key influencers who can affect your boss’ career.

Now think about ways you can make him look good and help him meet his goals. Subtly suggest that you have found ways to improve things or another area where you can help. Using this simple tip, you will have effectively transformed your relationship from boss/temp to trusted ally. Who do you think will be chosen for permanent status then?