Executive Resume Writing – Tricks of the Trade #1

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Executive Resume Writing – Tricks of the Trade #1

When writing an executive resume in a competitive market, it is more important than ever that your resume stands out.  Here are some key points to consider and some tricks that professional executive resume writers use to give you the competitive edge.


You should always start an executive resume with a compelling opening.  Not an Objective, this is more of a Professional Profile and is considered your core value proposition, designed to answer the key question, “Why should I hire you”.  In this section, forget the fluffy statements that say “An able leader with good communication skills” as this is your personal branding statement that distinguishes you from every one else, so it has to have substance.


A good trick is to start by writing down the 3-5 things an employer wants for someone in the role you are seeking. Let’s take sales as an example.  The key metrics for sales are exceeding sales quotas, increasing the customer base, and building a high-powered sales team.  So start by telling them what they want to hear:  Start with “Over 15 years of success in setting new sales records, growing market share and turning mediocre performers into sales superstars” – Do you think that will get you noticed?  


More on this in the next post.