Resume for Web Developers

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Resume for Web Developers

If you are writing a resume for web developer, then there are certain technical and non-technical skill sets you should be stressing. Of course resumes for web developers should mention all the tools normally used in development, HTML, XML, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, VB, Java and so on. But remember why companies want web developers in the first place, and that is to improve business results through better messaging and e-commerce on the Internet. So the great resume for a web developer will talk to all the skills required to make a site shine.

For example, if you have a track record in managing content, either through tools or facilitating sessions with user communities, mention it. If you reduced content approval times, brag about it. If you collaborated with sales or spoke to customers to get valuable design and content feedback, shout about it. Lots of people can take other people’s content and put it on the web. Those who can contribute to making the web site more effective, are the ones that will be in demand.

Likewise, if you are familiar with web statistics packages, your web developer resume should highlight that fact. If you can show how you have maximized your search engine ratings and the return from PPC campaigns through insightful analysis and tuning of the site, then you are golden. And if you have integrated your company’s blog into the site, then you can write your own ticket.

In short, all resumes for web developers talk to the technical points. Those that show how they can use those technical tools to deliver powerful business results will be those chosen for interviews.