Good Sales Resumes

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Good Sales Resumes

So you’ve left your last job and you need another position. Preferably one that offers the opportunity to make a lot of money. The only problem is that you weren’t exactly a knockout success in your last job. Whether it was the company’s fault or yours, there are still ways to create a great resume that will get employers to call you.Start by breaking down all the steps in the sales cycle. First there’s prospecting, then qualifying followed by presenting and closing. Figure out the before-you-got-there and after-you-got-there numbers for each of these and see if there is a story worth telling.

For example, Scott joined a software company that was planning to launch a break-through application. He developed a sales plan targeting both new and existing customers. He aggressively developed leads, qualified them and made over 2 dozen presentations. Unfortunately, the company was not able to deliver the product to the customer’s expectations and no sales occurred.

In spite of the fact that Scott did not meet his quota, he can tout his successes. If Scott had only 20 qualified prospects in the pipeline before he arrived and there were 50 when he left then he can state, “An aggressive hunter, grew well-qualified opportunities 150%”.

Basically, you need to analyze each step of the sales process and focus on those steps that demonstrated your success. Was your close rate better than others? Did you increase the number of sales presentations? All of these are areas you can highlight.

You should also consider your other goals and targets. Besides a revenue number, sales people are often measured on customer base expansion, increased sales penetration with existing accounts, and customer retention. These metrics are another opportunity to describe a successful past.

As an example, let’s say that few sales were made because all of your time was spent putting out fires with existing customers, with the result that you saved most of them. Then you can say something to the effect of, “Recognized for producing a 96% customer retention rate against a company average of 82% through attentive account management and reliable follow-through”.

So no matter what happened in your last job, the hard-working sales professional can usually find a success story merely by breaking down and reviewing the results of their efforts.