When to Send a Follow-Up Letter – NEVER

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When to Send a Follow-Up Letter – NEVER

People have often asked me whether they should send a Follow-Up letter. This is different from a Thank You letter used right after the interview in that they want to use this after days/weeks have gone by and they are waiting for a decision. In their mind, they would ask how the process is going and when they could expect a decision. The answer is simple – NEVER SEND A FOLLOW-UP LETTER! Here’s why.

What is the value add to the employer when you ask them when a decision will be made? The answer is none – you are just pestering them to do something for you. Odds are either they have not made a decision or they decided not to hire you. So use this opportunity to impress them and gain a competitive edge.

CALL them so you can have a conversation, build rapport and reemphasize your strengths. Start by saying you’re very excited about the opportunity, have given some more thought to the position and have some questions. Now impress them with your insights and intelligence. It’s always best to ask questions that support your case. For example, “Is this position for the new plant you announced in your latest press release? You might remember I have been the plant manager at 2 startups and beat production goals on both occasions”.

See the difference. Instead of being a nudge, you have reinforced your value proposition to the firm. It might make all the difference.