Handling Salary Requirements

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Handling Salary Requirements

I am often asked by my clients how to handle requests for salary requirements. Many employment ads request salary requirements and some ads even insist on them.

Of course the fear is either you are pricing yourself too high or too low and, even though you are willing to negotiate, you may not be invited for an interview if you give the wrong answer. Many experts in the field even state that the first person who offers a figure in a salary negotiation loses. Interestingly, studies show that the majority of employers will still consider candidates if they do not offer their salary history. So what do you do?

I suggest you use the following phrase: “Although the job and the challenge are most important to me, you should know I am considering positions in the XX to YY range.”

Why does this work? First it indicates what you are looking for, not what you have made. Secondly, it implies that you are in demand and are looking at other opportunities. Finally, it fills their requirement that you addressed their salary questions.