Following Up – What To Say

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Following Up – What To Say

So you’ve sent your resume to a job you’re very excited about and a week has gone by without a word. Or perhaps you’ve had an interview and are waiting to hear how it went. What should you do?

The WORST thing you can do is call and say something like “I’m following up on my resume/interview and just wanted to see where you are in the hiring process”. This is nothing more than pestering the HR or hiring manager and asks them to do something on your behalf. It is much wiser to use this opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.

How much stronger would your reception be if you said something like “I have been researching your company and I noticed that you announced your expansion into the Northeast and was wondering whether the XX position you advertised is focused on someone who knows how to manage startups and new territories?” Now you’ve started a conversation. Ask intelligent questions and then at the end of the conversation you can tell them you’ve applied for the position. Ask too if you can send an email that speaks to the new requirements you’ve just discovered and how you have dealt with those issues in the past.

Now you are in a situation to communicate directly with the right people; you’ve indicated you are enthusiastic about the company, you’ve done homework on the organization, and you built rapport with the people who influence the decision. Much better than being a pest don’t you think?