CareerBuilder Announces Video Resumes

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CareerBuilder Announces Video Resumes

CareerBuilder will begin taking video resumes in June they announced. That means that candidates who have video resumes can upload them to the site. So I wonder, is this good?

It’s great for the company as they can now quickly screen candidates and eliminate those that don’t “show” well. But I don’t think it’s good for the candidate.

The purpose of your resume is for you to get called for an interview, where you can interact with the interviewer, build rapport, get them to like you and get the job. You can’t do this in a video. More importantly, most candidates wouldn’t know how to build a good 60-second video.

I’ve been on television numerous times and you need to be overly animated to overcome the “flatness” of TV. You will be judged on your energy level, intonation, body language and, of course, what you say (in that order believe it or not). How good are you at scripting your value proposition? Who is helping you with your setting, lighting and screen angles? What will you say for 60 seconds? What is your compelling call to action?

In short, I know that this will be more prevalent over the next few years, but for the candidate, I would avoid it for now.