How Much Should A Resume Cost?

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How Much Should A Resume Cost?

Everyday someone either asks me why I am so cheap or so expensive (yes, many folks wonder why my prices are so low). If you search on the internet, you can find resume writing services priced from $39 to $1,500. So I thought it would be a good idea to describe what I think a reasonable cost would be for a resume.

To put it in perspective, consider that a resume is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT DOCUMENT you will have in your career. So after you have spent the thousands of dollars to get a degree, you should not try to save pennies on your resume. Considering that less than 1% of the people you are competing with use a resume service, getting a professional resume written gives you a distinct competitive advantage. Your focus should be on getting a good resume at a fair price.

Although getting a resume for less than $150 is tempting, you should know that people who provide the cheaper resumes ($35 – $150) can only do it at that price if they have a production line process. So either they dump your information into a software package which pumps out your information in a prettier format, or they use templates and just paste your information in there. I know one company which advertises “flawless resumes” for $89.95 that has their subcontracted writers produce 6-8 resumes per day. I can tell you for a fact that you can’t produce even 3 good resumes in a day without cutting major corners.

At the other end of the spectrum are the writers who focus primarily on executives, and these packages generally range from $450 to $1,100. There are, in fact, some really great writers in this area, but there are also mediocre writers who just want to tap into the high-paying executive market. Research your writer well, look for multiple credentials, see what books they are in and choose carefully.

Personally, I think you can get a great resume in the $250-$400 range, if you do your homework. Avoid the factories (evidenced by their partnering with a job board), the ripoffs (advertising as Top 10 Resume Writer) and nameless people who don’t tell you anything about themselves. For more information in this area, you should check out my Free 10-Point Checklist on How to Select a Resume Writing Service.

Bottom line – do hire a resume writing service. Don’t go with the cheap ones and either hire a high-end accomplished writer who has earned the right to charge premium prices or do your homework and choose a high quality service at a fair price. Of course you can get that with us, but you already knew that.