Tips for Return to Work Mothers

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Tips for Return to Work Mothers

I frequently work with women returning to the workforce after 1-14 years of managing the home front. If that sounds like you, here are some tips on how to reflect this period on your resume.

First of all, don’t leave this time period off. And don’t give it a fancy name like Domestic Engineer. Just tell it like it is: “Chose to manage a busy household of 5 including overseeing finances and hectic schedules.” Managers know that this is a fact of life and committing yourself to the well-being of your family is not a bad thing.

Having said that, it is wise to indicate how you have kept your skills sharp through participation in out-of-the-home activities. Did you participate in fundraisers? Did you take a leadership role in managing an event, such as a school dance? Have you contributed your time to charities?

On the technical front, you can show your level of proficiency by taking BrainBench tests which even provides vendor-neutral certification in a range of technologies. Many of the tests are free or as cheap as $25. This is a great way to show employers your technical competencies.

In short, indicate how you have made a positive and professional contribution to outside organizations and maintained your technical edge, and your resume will be that much stronger.