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Rip Off Resume Services

I have often stated that it makes sense to use a professional resume writing firm. After all, less than 1% of the population uses one and having a professionally crafted resume gives you a competitive edge. Having said that you need to be more careful than ever who you choose, because unfortunately, there are a number of new scams out there.

The newest trend is to setup a web site that purportedly ranks the Top 10 Resume writing services. Then you rank yourself as #1. Take it a step further and you can charge other inferior web sites to be listed in your rankings, usually with a monthly and pay-per-click charge. So what you really see is the lowest of the low – the folks who cannot get business without false pretenses. Then you take your top competitors and rank them as poor in quality and overly expensive.

Now you give yourself every credential known to man and then make up some statistics that don’t exist like: “Ranked by PC Magazine as the #1 rated resume service” (PC Magazine never rated resume services). Or “According to major publications, resumes written by us have a 89% higher chance of generating an interview or job hire than a resume written by competing resume writers.”

To make matters worse, these sites use writers in India or the Philippines and the resume you get are generally in broken English. If you actually read their web site text, you will see it is not very well written. An example:

“We have produced thousands of resumes that stand-out which resulted to successful employments for clients of different levels from industries ranging from medicine, engineering, information technology, sales and marketing, etc… “


“Every project is treated special . Each given a unique approach, because we know each of our clients have their own special qualifications.”

However, what makes matters worse (and the reason for this torrid post while I am still livid) is that they steal samples from other sites. One of these sites has my sample on it. I’m sure that the other samples are work taken from other good writer’s sites. Interestingly, when I called the company and asked to speak to the president to have them remove my sample, I was told that I would have to call back at 12:00 midnight PST. Gee, I wonder what time zone they are in.

Besides my obvious frustration at scams, the bottom line is do your homework and choose a good service. If you haven’t seen it already, read my free 10-Point Checklist for Choosing a Resume Writing Service at