Interesting Statistics

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Interesting Statistics

Here are a bunch of statistics I’ve found interesting.

Recruiters are expecting a busy holiday hiring season this year: 71% said they are confident or very confident the employment market will improve in the next three months–compared with 61% in October 2005.

During this period of time, the executive search industry is expecting a 23% increase in the number of six-figure job assignments received from corporate clients.

With the unemployment rate falling to its lowest level in more than five years, the executive search industry continues to expand. In October, half of all search firms reported plans to hire additional professional staff during the next three months to keep pace with job growth.
Source: The Career News newsletter, December 4, 2006

According to a poll of 3,000 people, 97% of IT professionals rate their job as stressful on a daily basis. (SkillSoft PLC)

An undertrained desktop user costs an organization 5 times more to support than a well-trained user. (Gartner)

32% of non-managerial workers feel they are not treated with respect and 63% of them intend to leave their jobs within 2 years. Compare that to the 19% of workers who are treated with respect and intend to leave their job in 2 years. (Sirota Consulting) I’ve always said that your boss is the number 1 reason people love or hate their job.