Why Should I Hire You?

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Why Should I Hire You?

Elevator pitch, personal branding message, profile summary – they all mean the same thing and that is the 20-30 second pitch you give to an employer as to what you bring to their table. Absolutely the core message for any resume and job seeker, yet extremely few people bother to figure their message out.

Why should I hire you? How are you any different from the other people who want this job? Whether they come out and say it or not, that is what employers really want to know. And your resume should focus on this core message and back it up by highlighting the accomplishments you have produced. However, over the more than 10 years that I have been writing resumes for people, I have come to believe that most people need an objective eye to figure out their personal message.

For example, I recently worked with Mike, a talented manager who is seeking to enter the investment banking world. He has over 10 years of entrepreneurial and small company management experience in other fields and recently got his Finance degree from Wharton in 2005. In his mind, his story is “I have a degree from Wharton and 10 years of entrepreneurial experience”, implying he got his degree 10 years ago. WRONG STORY. My subtle twist is he is a RECENT Wharton graduate who also has 10 years of management experience. What’s the difference?

Mike’s story comes across as “I have a Wharton degree and not much to show for it after 10 years, except for some no-name companies you never heard of and running my own little company”. My story is “I have been a successful P&L manager and entrepreneur, and after getting some real world experience, I invested in a first-class education to sharpen my skills. Which would be more compelling to an employer? Sometimes it pays huge dividends to get some impartial feedback to help you position yourself effectively.