The Best Resume Writing Process

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The Best Resume Writing Process

Especially in the beginning of the year, people are calling me and asking me how long will it take to create a resume. Apparently these people have been thinking about creating a resume for weeks and now a headhunter has called, or they saw a job posting, and they want a resume in 24 hours or less.

A good resume takes time to prepare. It also requires forethought. Although there are many resume services who can turn around a resume with just a quick phone call (or a “do-it-yourself” type questionnaire), you really have to ask yourself if this quick “cookie cutter” approach is the best way to produce this highly important career document.

If you look at the way senior executive resumes are prepared by the very best resume writers, they follow a 2-step process. First the client fills out a worksheet that gets them thinking about how they would present themselves to a potential employer. They need to remember the important skills and achievements they have produced and determine their overall branding or positioning statement – often called a 20-second pitch. This is how you are going to stand out from the hundreds of other resumes an employer receives.

Secondly, the executive will be interviewed by their resume writer who will use their vast experience and knowledge of the job market to ask insightful questions and uncover additional skills and accomplishments that should be highlighted. I strongly believe that a winning resume cannot be prepared without talking to the client.

This process is not a 24 hour process and takes at least several days. By the way, it is a methodology that I use for all clients, from entry-level to CEO simply because it generates the best resumes and it produces jobs. So if you are using a resume writing service, look for one that spends the time to do it right.