Job Seekers Expect Success in ’06

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Job Seekers Expect Success in ’06

In a recent survey, 54 percent of respondents said they plan to increase their staffs in the coming year. Only 9 percent anticipate staffing cuts.

Additionally, 20 percent of hiring managers said they will recruit in bulk, expecting to add more than 50 new employees to their staffs in 2006, and of those half plan to recruit more than 100 employees.

Further, reports that 65 percent of job seekers making $100,000 or more think 2006 is a better time to be in the job market compared to a year ago. The majority (63 percent) expect to apply to fewer than 50 job listings before receiving an offer. Unemployed job seekers are less confident, with 31 percent indicating they expect to apply to more than 100 listings before receiving an offer.

Reflecting their overall optimism, 34 percent of executive job seekers believe their search will take only three to six months. Another 26 percent predict one to three months, while 27 percent anticipate a 6 to 12-month search