Interviewing Tips: What Managers Want

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Interviewing Tips: What Managers Want

When you are interviewing with your potential next boss, consider what a manager is really looking for. Interestingly, I asked over 200 staff members what a manager seeks, and only 2 had any clue. So here is an insight that you should use when you are interviewing for a potential job.

Managers are busy. They have more direct reports than just you and they can easily find things to fill their plates. They are also surrounded by personalities (often called politics) that have to be soothed, stroked and managed. So managers would LOVE someone that:

1. Gets the job done in a QUALITY fashion with NO surprises.
2. Can be relied upon to proactively identify issues and provide possible solutions BEFORE discussing with the manager.
3. Can be trusted not to stab the manager in the back. This is crucial. A manager has enough to worry about without wondering if you are badmouthing him or building other loyalties.
4. Is likeable and fits in well with their peers. Managers want harmony with their staff.

Show a manager how they can rely on you, and you will find your interviews produce the results you want.