Interviewing Tips: A Must Do for Sales Professionals

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Interviewing Tips: A Must Do for Sales Professionals

I had a client today who is getting interviews but not offers. Not a bad place to be, but very frustrating because he has interviewed for positions he really wants. When I asked him what happened in the interview, it was clear that there was at least one thing he was failing to do.

That was closing the sale. When I was a hiring manager interviewing sales candidates, I looked for people who could deliver the business. This demanded a certain amount of aggression and finesse to appropriately ask for the sale. If the candidate did not try to close me in the interviewing process, then they were not accustomed to asking for the sale.

You should ask something like “If you had to decide right now, would I be your choice for this position?”. This not only tells you where you stand but most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to uncover and handle any objections. A good sales professional would know this and if they don’t do it in the interview, they probably won’t do it in the field. So treat your job interview like a sale (you are, in fact, selling yourself) and demonstrate your best sales techniques to show them what you can produce.