Lying on Resumes

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Lying on Resumes

Today I got a call from a desperate man. He had gone through 3 interviews successfully and was about to be offered the job of his dreams. He wanted to know if we did reference checking. I gave him some advice and directed him to many of the good firms that do this as a service. He called back and said that the firms I directed him to would not do what he wants.

This shocked me as reference checking is pretty simple. So I probed some more and discovered that he had lied on his resume about his start/end dates in his last job and he wanted someone to PRETEND THEY WERE THE EMPLOYER and verify his false dates. No wonder he couldn’t find anyone to do this!

The result is the employer found out he lied and didn’t make the offer. He lost a dream job because he lied about a few months on his resume.

In today’s business climate, companies will do background checks. There are so many ways to make even a dismal job look good, there is never a reason to lie on your resume. In the end, it will come back to haunt you.